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This is a brilliant idea: I saw yesterday on Social Design photos from a spread in Brides, for which the editors scoured eBay and acquired all of the decor and trimmings for a wedding. I have had in mind for some time now a flea market / antique store just north of Lake George that we would visit on our way up to Middlebury, chock full of vases and pitchers and plates and flatware and linens and the list goes on. And the lovely thing about it is that you’ll have, presumably, loads of pretty things that you might otherwise have rented for the occasion, and which are no doubt more meaningful and better suited to your party.

All photos by Jim Bastardo for brides.com


  1. Supper great idea!!

    (one thing though, I think they had 10,000 usd just to get this stuff… kind of a lot of money just on decorations??

  2. I agree that 10,000 is excessive, half that would be excessive. But for smaller things that you might otherwise rent or have provided by vendors I think it’s a nice idea. Obviously you’re not going to buy table settings for 150 but vases, a cake topper, pitchers and other decorative things might be sourced from flea markets and eBay on the cheap.

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