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After reading Alex’s post , I finally took the plunge and joined Flexcar (her offer of a free membership was an easy motivation). Once I find a bike to alternate with Trimet, I will have the perfect combination for my urban adventures (a.k.a. getting around sans a vehicle). I love being surrounded by community when riding mass transit (everyone in Portland is starting to look familiar:) and I love the inherent walking and appreciating little details that comes along with these travels (See Alex’s other post on Natural Exercise). I don’t know how long circumstances (job, location, etc) will allow me to continue this lifestyle, but I certainly am enjoying this simplification (yes, surprisingly, it makes things simpler).  It all started out of necessity and now it is purely out of choice.


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  1. I saw a convertible flexcar for the first time last night. Maybe you will luck out and get that one time.

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