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Our guest blogger, Elisabeth, got me thinking about cotton wedding dresses. I’ve always loved  the idea of a cotton or linen wedding dress. Tumbleweed used to have some gorgeous ones with layers of cotton and organza, just to die for. But, alas, they’ve been discontinued. I used to sell wedding dresses. Simple, lovely ones. At the shop, we often were able to create a sweet, casual wedding dress from a bridesmaid dress, by ordering it in white. Here are a few of the cotton dresses out there. My favorite is the Thread seersucker one, in white. I saw this at the English Dept bridal fashion show and it was just lovely. Addison, Scarlett, Drew from Thread, Empire Waist Cotton Bridal gown from Simpledress.com, Isla from Jcrew.

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  1. Yes, that’s the one! I love the seersucker from Thread too but think it would be a bit much with Z in a seersucker suit. I did find the Thread swiss dot one but can’t quite tell from the picture…

  2. Now JD can see what I was trying to describe to her. I saw, and LOVED, the seersucker in white at The English Dept earlier this week as I was walking around town having been released early from jury duty. But I disgress. I love it. The photo really doesn’t do it justice at all.

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