I had no idea, Monday, as I hopped on my not so normal bus and much later than usual, that I would end up sitting right next to a former co-worker from the Grand Hotel, circa summer 1998 (in Michigan mind you!). Thanks to her good memory and assertiveness, she figured out the connection and recognized me, otherwise I would have never known. So, I have had Mackinac on my mind all week. If you really want to experience a world where people ride around on bicycles laden with baskets of flowers and wear seersucker suits and plant hundreds of lilacs, go to Mackinac. I could write a lot of posts about this lovely place, including the interiors of the hotel that were designed by Dorothy Draper Co. Isn’t that light in the cupola of the hotel marvelous?

photo from flickr user floridagull



  1. I love it! I am a Dorothy Draper fan. I love her fun book Entertaining is Fun! Even though I still don’t entertain much because I find it very un-fun. 🙂 It’s a vicarious thing I think.

  2. Hello! I just found your blog the other day- glad I did! …Michigan in general is such a lovely spot to take a break. I lived there until 5th grade when we moved to Illinois. I still prefer the Michigan side of Lake Michigan 🙂 I know I have family who have worked on Mackinac for summers also, but for some reason I can’t remember who! haha It’s a very cute place!


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