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I’ve never been a bride but after working on weddings for about 10 years now, I have observed and experienced quite a bit of the process.  My favorite weddings have been simple, personal, often inexpensive and filled with people who enjoyed the process and the day. I have a lot of little rules and ideas about what I think creates a beautiful and meaningful event and I wanted to start sharing these with you.

*1. Location, Location, Location! Start out with a spectacular site
and let that be your guide to color, style, layout, etc.. This is the most
important! If you have very particular wishes for flowers and colors, make sure to choose your site accordingly. If you start out with a site you love as is, the less you will have to spend on decorations.

Example: The bride’s parents hosted this simple garden wedding in their backyard. The boxwoods were already in place, we simply added a garland, aisle runner, and rose petals for festivity.

molly & tyler, 2004. images copyright stewart harvey.



  1. Do you have any tips for finding a location that is not going to completely blindside you with hidden costs. I’m starting to get really fed up 🙁

  2. I agree about the importance of location…especially given my sisters’ upcoming nuptials and the contrasts in their reception spaces. One location is very basic and somewhat bland while the other is chock full of character. Guess which one I am looking forward to more?

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