{lazy sunday}

I went to visit the Bishop’s Close Garden yesterday and was pleased to find in bloom snowdrops, viburnum, crocus, violets, early rhodies, hellebores, and camellia. Spring is probably my favorite time of year for flowers (that is until summer roles around and I am in love with all the David Austin roses).

While shopping at New Seasons, I was ecstatic to find the new Blueprint. They have a blog now! I haven’t been able to find it yet though because I left the magazine at home and they haven’t updated their website yet. But I am sure they will very soon.

I also got to watch the Oscars with good friends. A few speeches were inspiring and I loved Gwyneth’s, Reese’s, and Rachel’s gowns the best.

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  1. I made Jaime come back into the room when Rachel was presenting because I thought she looked so stunning! I totally agree with your opinion. I just wished Gwyneth had, just once, let her hair hang behind her shoulder so we could see the whole front of the dress…just once.

  2. I totally agree. It was really bugging me when she was presenting. I also forgot I loved Helen Miren, she looked awesome! I totally want to look like that when I am her age:)

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