{cool job}

This job sounds fun, at least in theory anyways. If I lived in NYC, I would totally apply.

{from designsponge.blogspot.com, by Grace Bonney}

want to work at house & garden?

thought i’d pass this along as some of you are interested in publishing and design and need a little foot in the door. the editor-in-chief of house & garden, dominique browning is looking for an assistant. the position is entry-level and is ideal for someone who has an interest in home design, architecture, gardening, etc. the position would entail answering dominique’s phone, setting up meetings, making travel arrangements, etc. – but you’ll also get to blog for the h&g site with me and the rest of the gang. so, if you live in the nyc area and would like to be considered for the position please email me here and send your resume. i’ll pass it directly to h&g for consideration.

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