{valentine’s day}

One of the most popular designs  I sold at my little flower studio was Yves Piaget roses wrapped in French Newspaper. (Actually more successful were the blooming plants wrapped the same way, this was sort of my trademark). Just last year they had the same concept on the cover of MSL’s February issue and Rebecca Cole also has a similar idea in her book. I always used Le Monde, because it is a really nice paper quality and has a little shine to it. Rebecca Cole used the NY Times Wedding announcements for her Valentine’s deliveries.

All my single friends hate this holiday. My favorite part of being a floral designer during this holiday was when the wire deliveries came through  the fax and I got to write out the Valentine’s cards for people. I am generally not too sappy…but some of them made me cry, especially the father to daughter ones.

photo copyright patrick prothe


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