Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I thoroughly enjoyed this article from NPR about today’s holiday. Brilliant thoughts are included for everyone. I always remember how encouraging it was filling out the Valentine’s Day cards at the flower shop. It was such a great reminder of how much love is floating around this world! Here are some posts that might be helpful for you today:

All About Love
A Last-Minute Valentine
How to Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers
How to Make Your Fresh Flowers Last
How to Bring Wilted Flowers Back to Life
A Fragrant Valentine’s Day Bouquet Recipe
Winter Flower Ideas

Have a beautiful day!

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Fragrant Valentine’s Day Flower Recipe

fragrant valentines day flower recipe

Think beyond roses for Valentine’s Day, and instead create a lush bouquet of lilac, hyacinth, phlox, viburnum, anemone, tulip, ranunculus, and scented geranium for an abundance of fragrance and soft pastels, inspired by Laura Ashley’s Emma perfume. During February, many flower growers begin to have bulbs like tulips, anemones, and hyacinths available from their greenhouses,making a refreshing option for Valentine’s Day bouquet. And remember, Valentine’s Day is for everyone, a wonderful excuse to gift your mother, grandmother, or yourself a beautiful bouquet like this!

fragrant valentines day flower recipe

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January Tonics

violet tube flower

What a sad week to be in this world and to be an American. Beauty feels more important than ever to hold on to, in order to ignite hope. I’ve been hanging on to every little bit of light coming my way, and trying to keep it bouncing around me, through gardening, and finding strength in the community that rises during these times.

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How to Root Basil Cuttings

Lisbon balcony gardens ooze with charm. Residents here seem to build gorgeous, effortless, healthy gardens from seemingly nothing. I’ve seen patched together sidewalk gardens with cuttings planted in pots and pans, corner veggie gardens planted into old wine crates, and balconies overflowing with as many wired on pots as they can handle. I seem to have a lot of trial and error with mine, but one thing I am enjoying is growing plants from cuttings. I’ve had a lot of success with basil and geranium. If you’d like to grow some windowsill basil, or extend the life of your grocery store basil plants, check out my how-to, next!

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Winter at Jardim da Tapada das Necessidades

Winter in Lisbon is almost like early spring at home. Right now the aloe vera is blooming like crazy and the meadows are green. Right inside the city there are plenty of gardens to explore with the favorite always being Jardim da Tapada das Necessidades, a walled garden near the Alcantra neighborhood that feels nearly abandoned with crumbly buildings and an incredible domed greenhouse. Enjoy this virtual stroll through the gardens with Ekaterina, a fellow garden-lover, and temporary Lisboeta.

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