diy: make your own wreath!


You will need:

1 wreath form. (6″ shown)

5-8 bunches of greens. I used Bay. Boxwood, Magnolia, and Fir are also great options.

Wire (I like the cloth covered wire from Michaels Crafts)

3 yards of ribbon.

_DSC4530 _DSC4561


1. Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the stems. Create bunches of 3-4 stems (add more for a fuller wreath). Secure with wire.


2. Attach bunches to wreath form with wire. Overlap each bunch over the previous stems. Make sure they are all pointing the same direction.


3. Keep adding the greens until your wreath is full. Add a wire hanger on back by looping the wire through the back of the wreath form in a loop and twisting it to secure. You can also slip a long ribbon through the back of the wire form and knot it under the loop (to the wire form) to use as a hanger. Add fruit or extra ribbon to suit your style.


Wreaths should last 1- 2 weeks indoors. Outdoors, they should last a month. Spritz with water daily to keep them extra fresh. Enjoy!

All photos copyright Lisa Warninger.