Violets Again


Ano Nuevo is the only cut violet grower left in the US. This hundred-year-old family business used to ship sweet violet bouquets (the special long-stemmed variety flowers are clipped, bunched, and wrapped in their own leaves, think- Eliza Doolittle) near and far to florists and street vendors. Last I spoke to them, they only sell to local markets. There isn't enough business to sustain their crops because people now place so much value on the lifespan of cut flowers (these little guys only last up to 3 days). I was able to snag some violet bouquets for Valentine's Day at my flower shop, the last year they were shipping. Grandma-types and other ladies who remembered the fragrant bouquets from long ago came into my shop and cried and bought up everything I had. I like this modern interpretation of violets from Jane Packer.

Image from Jane Packer: Flowers Design Philosophy