the muppets


I wasn't sure I cared that much about the new muppets movie even though I owned a Kermit The Frog (one of two commercialized toys I was allowed growing up), loved the movies as a kid, and am a big Jason Segel fan (crush!). I really thought it would be dumb but on the contrary, I found the film to be quite brilliant. With music by Bret Mckenzie, co-writing and starring by Jason Segel, and a cast of endearing characters, The Muppets is the sweetest trip back in time and a delightful escape from real life. I've gotten a few strange looks when I declare my love for this movie but I strongly believe no one should ever grow up all the way. Plus, I am a sucker for a good musical. If you are also a child of the 80's, this movie will feel very nostalgic to you! Any other fans out there?

P.S. Bret & Kermit singing & A Fresh Air interview with the writers.

Photo Zachary Scott for The New York Times Magazine. Via Pigeon Toed.