A Visit to Artes e Letras Atelier in Lisbon

It´s difficult not to be smitten when you walk into Inez´s studio, Artes e Letras, which sits at the bottom of a hill in Lisbon´s eclectic Sao Bento neighborhood. Not only does this studio house an impressive collection of vintage presses and letterpress type, that Inez and her husband collect from old spaces in Lisbon, it´s also a workshop of sorts for everything Inez makes which might be pen and ink portraits of Portuguese artists, letterpress postcards aimed at tourists, or as obscure as a zine about lemons or “an emotional map of Lisbon.” It feels as if you are walking into Inez´s personal space and creative playground, a revolving gallery of sketches, books, zines, posters, and stationery full of love, angst, happiness, and charm.
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24 Hour Flowers

blur flowers

I think sometimes we forget that the Internet is a blank creative canvas for expression. That´s what keeps me here. My friend, and former Frolic! assistant, Kelly Searle runs a lovely, girly, off-beat magazine called Liner. She had this incredible idea to create a 24 hour issue. The entire issue was produced, shot, designed, and uploaded within 24 hours last weekend, simultaneously around the world! How cool is that?
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Happy Christmas!

frolic christmas
Wishing you the most wonderful holiday with those you love! I am signing off for a few days to celebrate by the sea and take a little break. I’ll be back on Monday with our year in review!

Happy Christmas!



P.S. If you are last-minute (like me!), here are some links to some of our favorite, simple projects:

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Oh and last but not least, if you need a last minute Christmas gift for a flower lover in your life, consider one of my flower classes! 15% off for you until the end of the year. Click here for all the information.

Photos: 2,5,7, + 8 by Lisa Warninger. All others by Chelsea Fuss.

Frolic! Flower School: How to Make Your Own Wreath Base

a foraged wreath
For years I used the wire bases for wreaths, making my own and buying them. I still think they are great! However, they can be expensive and also I am trying to challenge myself more and more to flower arrange devoid of any wires or tapes or foam. I recently started making my own wreath bases and it’s really satisfying, and also free! Everything I used for the wreath was foraged. Here’s how I make wreath bases:

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Christmas Kitchen Arrangement

One of the fastest, easiest ways to make the house festive, is to gather greens and toss them into vases. I made this Christmas arrangement for my kitchen the other day and I just love it! I am embracing a seaside, Mediterranean style Christmas this year. the orange blossoms are bursting into bloom just now in Portugal and I cannot get enough of their scent! One little blossom is enough to scent a room! I foraged all the materials for this arrangement (foraging tips here).
christmas kitchen arrangement
Pitchers make great vases! Their necks are small enough to offer some structure to the arrangement, but wide enough to make it feel loose and effortless. I used evergreen branches, starting with those to make the shape. One sprawling tall one a little off center and one off to the right a little that drapes to the surface. Then, I added more green around the base of the pitcher. Orange branches came next, just two off to the side and their blossoms, bunched together a little central. Next, I added berried ivy with a focus on the berries. I picked branches that were berry heavy and removed any unnnecessary leaves. I used those as a filler to place in any spaces in the arrangement. Voila! An easy festive arrangement in a few minutes! Using what’s growing around you will get you the most natural, beautiful results.
Photos: Chelsea Fuss.