Happy Autumn!

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I’ve felt a bit homesick this week for some strange reason but then I saw Mercury was in Retrograde, so maybe that explains! I wanted to share this beautiful photo taken by Lisa and styled by Hannah. You can get the instructions for a similarly lovely cloth collar, here. Below, some more of my favorite autumn posts from the Frolic! archives.

A visit to Leva Kunsglador on the Swedish island of Gotland.

Festive fall place cards.

The island of Fåro.

Walnut-Crusted Stilton Macaroni and Cheese

A cozy outfit idea.

All about Fika!

Have a lovely Autumn weekend!

Photo by Lisa Warninger.


  1. I was also in Leva Kungslador this last June. Thanks to you, I read your entry and when I was in Stockholm, I went to Visby for 3 days. Unlike you I was there in summer and while the gardens at Leva wasn’t quite ready, the rest of Visby was just so beautiful. I had the lunch buffet at Leva Kungslador and it was the best I’ve ever had. I took bus 10 from Visby but had to walk back to town when I was done. Just as you said, take the train to Nynashamn to catch the ferry. I bought my ticket online when I was still in the US. I spent 3 months traveling alone in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. I love Norway more than anything.

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