Preview: Anna Joyce’s Stamp, Stencil, Paint!


Check out a preview of Anna Joyce’s new book and a super helpful interview with lots of business tips over at Design Sponge. I had the pleasure of working on the prop styling for the book. Anna is one of the few artists I know who is also an amazing business person. She killed it with this book. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. All photos by Lisa Warninger. Check out Design Sponge for more.

anna joyce

Book cover for “Stamp Stencil Paint” coming September 2015 | Published by Abrams | STC Craft  | Photos by Lisa Warninger.


  1. I love that cover!! It’s so simple and eye catching. I can’t wait to flip through it and see your work. Anna couldn’t have chosen a better team than you and Lisa to bring her book out to the world. Congrats!

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