Happy 2015!


Happy New Year! I took an unexpected break but am now happily settling into another temporary home for a month or so and am excited to share all the posts I have in the queue. I enjoyed a gorgeous holiday in the English countryside with a good friend from Portland. We were farm-sitting for some friends, feeding sheep, and taking care of plants and pets. It was a blast! I always love a fresh start and I am excited to start out this year in Portugal in a sweet little flat with a lemon tree in the backyard. January is always a challenging month for me so I decided to trade in the Northern climate for something a bit brighter and sunnier! So far, it seems the perfect remedy! Hope your year is off to a grand start.

Photo: Chelsea Fuss. Taken on the island of Fårö in Sweden.


  1. Happy Happy New Year Chelsea!!!

    Looking forward to seeing what 2015 adventures are in store for you!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!


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