Saturday Morning Flower Arranging Party!


On Saturday morning, I had a little flower arranging party at my house. I partnered with Fifty Flowers and ordered a gorgeous box of ranunculus! They also sent along the sweetest box of white spring flowers. I added in a selection of local stems as well, invited a few friends over and we made bouquets while we munched on radishes, bread, and cheese and enjoyed the prettiest, sunny morning in the garden.


We made hand-tied bouquets which you can see the instructions for right here.


We had ranunculus, hyacinth, anemone, larkspur, buplerum, daffodils, dusty miller, myrtle, and queen anne’s lace.


Waxflower always adds a nice wild flavor to arrangements.


It’s so fun to see what combination each person comes up with!


Here’s Elizabeth and her pretty pink bouquet of poppies, sweet pea, dusty miller, hyacinth and waxflower. The lovely larkspur from Fifty Flowers, on the right.


Flower messes are always pretty, right?!


Here Chelsea from Type A Press starts a bouquet of larkspur, scented geranium, and ranunculus.


This is me gathering some flowers for my own little bouquet.


Here’s lovely Alyssa with her bouquet of anemone, buplerum, ranunculus, hyacinth, muscari, and larkspur.

Thanks to everyone who attended the party! It was such a great way to start the weekend. Thank you to Fifty Flowers for sponsoring and to Lisa Warninger for the incredible photographs! Ad design by Scout’s Honor Co.

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  1. I had such a good time learning how to arrange flowers and visiting with everyone! And your backyard is so beautiful…let’s do it again!

  2. It really was a lovely class and a perfect way to start the weekend. I was glad I could attend. I gave the bouquet from the class as a surprise gift to my mother and she absolutely loved them. Thank you, Chelsea.

  3. This looks like so much fun!!! What a perfect weekend and those flowers are simply amazing. I wish I would have been available to come make bouquets with you ladies! xo

  4. Hi Chelsea,

    I tried to follow the link to learn how to make french hand-tied arrangements, but the link is no longer available. Since I’m in Eugene, it’s unlikely that I might make it up for another class in your backyard, but if the link is broken I might have to pursuade Linda M. to drive up (like she and Steve don’t get up there to see the family very often hehehe) so we can both attend (!).

    Mary H.

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