a year with granny

A1fc46363e6311e28ac522000a9f141e_7  Granny kerchief  Tea

Here's a little collection of snapshots from this past year (and a half), taken while visiting my 95 year-old grandmother. My oldest sister, Rebekah, was her caretaker for the last little while and I showed up to assist every month or so. Though, I did very little of the work, it was a big part of my year and I enjoyed capturing granny on my phone when I visited, listening to her old-fashioned language, watching her put her hair in curlers and then into a gingham kerchief to set, seeing her make English scones, learning how to take a proper English tea, and invetibly engaging in a banter about politics or feminism or my lacking cooking and caretaking skills. Haha! Thanks for the fun, Granny! I have so much respect for those who watch after older folks. I am not a natural caretaker, given that I am a youngest child. So a big applaud for all of you caretakers with a huge shoutout to my Rebekah and Mom for all their amazing work!! 

*Just a note, granny prefers not to be seen in her kerchief, but I explained I wanted to capture this old-fashioned ritual, rarely seen now days! She's usually very glamorous. xo

Snaps by me.


  1. Chelsea-

    Your photos are so beautiful and touching. I especially love the one of her hands working with the dough.

    These also make me miss my own grandmother who died when I was ten.

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