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I love the feeling of being in love with someone. It doesn't have to be romantic. I fall in love with my nieces, my nephews, random strangers, old friends and new friends all the time. That's why I enjoy Valentine's Day! It's fun to have an excuse to show people they are great and you like having them in your life. Also, this quote about love from Christopher Owens is pretty great.

…love is something you can make, too, and you don't have to get it back from somebody. I can just love the hell out of someone, and it's just as rewarding as if someone was very much into me. Like, I love Gene Kelly, and I can watch him on DVD whenever I feel like it. It's a wonderful thing in my life and it's real love.

So many people wait around for love to be found for them, for somebody to say, "I love you." But sometimes it's just as much fun to love somebody that doesn't even think about you or talk to you: She doesn't have to love you back, you can just think she's neat, and that's fine.

On that note, Here are my favorite posts about love and Valentine's Day! xo

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Christopher Owens quote from Pitchfork. Instagram photo is by me. Taken in Berlin at the Bleibtreu Hotel Flower Shop


  1. i love this part – “I can just love the hell out of someone.” it’s so true – you just want to squeeze the very life out of them although not literally. i love your list & you, of course!

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