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Canon Beach, Oregon Ecola State Park Oregon 
The Columbia River Gorge Amtrak Columbia River Gorge

I am just dying to have a week at home to catch up on things but feel happy to have seen so much around me lately. I've taken a train ride through The Gorge and gone out to the sea. I'd forgotten how much I love traveling by train and promise now to do it more often. As you can see, the light here has turned dark. It's hard to know if it's day or evening when you look outside. 

Instagrams by me.


  1. Chelsea,

    I enjoyed seeing this via instagram, and love seeing them again. They are so evocative, so much is wrapped up in these images.

    You are a very talented photographer.

    Have a lovely weekend, Liz

  2. These are beautiful images, they have such a quiet feel. So glad I was re-introduced to your blog, it is honestly such a great place for inspiration.

    Stay in the Lines

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