grace in the new kinfolk magazine

Grace kinfolk 
Grace 3

My cute grandma, Grace, is in the new Kinfolk Magazine, photographed by Lisa Warninger. Her photo is paired with a beautiful essay by Erin from Reading my Tea Leaves. Check it out in Volume 6, available now. I had the chance to stay with my Grandma Grace a few weeks ago and have some really great conversations about her life and childhood. I heard about what it was like to live without plumbing and cars, and without equal rights. She's an amazing woman. She turned 103 years old this July. One thing I love about Grace is her ability to move forward. She embraces new ideas and technology without hesitation. She even reads this blog each week! Hi Grandma! Thanks for letting us take your photo! 

More about Grace:

Grace's 102nd!

Grace's 101st!

Grace's 100th!

Grace's 99th!

Grace's 98th!

Grace when she was a littler younger

Photos: Lisa Warninger for Kinfolk. Tablecloth, tableware, and vase from Passionflower. Thanks to my cousin Madeline, for letting us take her photo too. 


  1. Your Grandma is very beautyful ! I would like – so much ! – to have this kind of nice face when i’ll get her age…Her smile, this serenity…
    Thank you both

  2. So, so lovely! I have just discovered your site and had to go back to see all the lovely pictures of your beautiful grandmother, Grace. She wears her name well!

  3. A total fox and inspiration!

    I’m new to reading your blog and i looked at the past birthday parties (all beautifully styled). I noticed that Grace is from Alberta (me too!), where abouts did she grow up?

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