knuthenlund yogurt

Swedish yogurt

I like to really just go with the flow when I travel and be really adaptable. The only thing I struggle with when I come to a new place is finding organic food. It's one of the few things I am very particular about and I've made a commitment to eat all organic produce and organic food as much as possible. In Portland, I know where to find it, and we do have amazing access to organic food. I know other places do to, it just takes a little bit to find it in new places. In the week I've been here in Stockholm, I've found some great organic products. I love this yogurt from Knuthenland, an organic farm in Denmark. The packaging is just so lovely too!

Photo: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. this packaging is lovely. and i hear you, totally. though, admittedly on recent travels this spring, we were hopeful to find anything vegetarian, let alone, organic!

  2. sweet packaging. Me too, this year I am trying to be completely organic, which can be hard when traveling.
    I grow most of my own vegetables so I know they are organic.


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