have a lovely weekend!


May is my favorite month. It has been filled with so many lovely moments already. I got a chance to escape to the country last weekend and spent an afternoon napping on a cot, on a veranda, listening to meadowlarks. I stole lilacs from an alley, and went for walks in pastures. Now I am home and hope to take full advantage of the sun while it's in Portland. You never know how long it will be around! Have you had any favorite moments this spring?

Happy weekend!



iphone photo by me.


  1. May is also my favorite month! This is what you survived a long cold winter for!(at least here in Sweden…)

    Thanks for a lovely blog!

  2. Why, yes, I have! Riding my horse down paths scented with jasmine in perfect southern California weather.
    But napping on a veranda listening to tweeting birds sounds marvelous, too!

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