ballet beautiful

ballet beautiful

I am not really a gym person. I tend to stick with activities I actually enjoy, like, yoga, walking, hiking and bike riding, but all in all I am pretty bad about exercising consistently. I like the idea of practicing ballet so a few years ago I got some ballet workout DVD's but but they were a little advanced for me. I also attempted a ballet class. But honestly, I prefer to exercise in the comfort of my own home due to coordination issues and flashbacks to P.E. class:). I had been seeing these Ballet Beautiful links around (I think first on Anabela's blog) and I've really been liking the videos lately. The workouts are ballet-inspired and all pretty short. It's so convenient because you can just sign up for an account and then you just log in and play the videos online from your laptop, iphone, or ipad (perfect for this commitment-phobe!)! It doesn't hurt that the branding and sets are quite lovely! Exercising can be pretty too, right?

Photo: Stacey Mark/Ballet Beautiful.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I also like working out in the comfort of my own home. Less people to watch me fall over. I did take a couple ballet classes at uni that were great. I look forward to testing these out this summer.

  2. i am so with you. i am generally inconsistent (2-3 months at a time)…and like working out at home or hiking, etc. i am totally gonna try this! thanks a million!

  3. I love ballet beautiful! Just got two of her DVDs and have completed the 60 min one. It was really hard! But it was great knowing it wasn’t too hard for me to do and when the hour finished, it definitely did not feel like a whole hour had passed! I’ve also gotten other ballet workout dvd’s, but they aren’t as good as this one! Plus living on the second floor of our apartment, I worry our neighbor downstairs wouldn’t like a more vigorous workout!! And I hate hate working out in the gym. Not to mention, I just hate working out period, and for some reason this doesn’t feel like a workout.

  4. Ooooh, now I’m interested! I just read the reviews on amazon of the 60 min. DVD, and almost everyone gave it 5 stars and said they noticed results (and quickly). I’m always up for working out privately at home, I just feel so self conscious at the gym. Thanks for blogging about it, I’m definitely going to try it! 🙂

  5. Once again you introduce me to something awesome! I used to dance years ago and I miss it so much bit I cannot find a class that I like. Zumba just doesn’t quite cut it. This looks wonderful. Thank you. Big curtsy 🙂

  6. I know dance can be intimidating/exhausting. But as a late-bloomer dancer myself, I really encourage you to stick with it — I’ve never got such an amazing, feel-good workout as in a dance class. I think you can do it!

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