have a lovely weekend!


I've been working on some some fun jobs this week which didn't leave me enough time to blog! I have lots of posts and projects to share next week. Winter is always tough for me. I've been trying to drink lots of tea and light candles but I really need to get back to my 50 jumping jacks a day and my walks! What do you do to combat the dark winter

Hope your weekend is full of loveliness. 


iphone photo by me.


  1. The gym is where it’s at for me. It is automatic endorphins- every time!! Spin class is a great new fave. I enjoy the comraderie too. I imagine myself walking on the beach or biking on the bike trails in summer. I also imagine the stress from some situations and then picture them melting off. 🙂

  2. My favorite way to combat the winter blues is to find beautiful, vibrant ingredients to cook with. Gold-fleshed jewel yams, red radicchio with white streaks through the leaves, bright green rapini, citrus…the colors really cheer me up.

  3. beautiful pic! Combating winter is tough indeed – lots of tea, scented candles, and weekend walks are my recipe. Plus lots of blog reading. Have a happy weekend Chelsea!

  4. so many good ideas here! I like to light a lot of candles, brew big pots of tea (we make madrone tea, which takes four hours – but the house is filled with its lovely chai-like scent!), and I always seem to start cooking a lot of central and south american dishes, with bright spices like smoked paprika, chili, and sumac, and fresh flavours of yams, cilantro, and avocado. Also, I always try and note the little changes that are happening – already, the sun is setting about 30-45 minutes later than it was at the solstice up here in Seattle, so I take note of the lengthening days, and if I am walking somewhere on campus, I check trees for buds (some plum trees, which will bloom next month, already have big fat purple buds on them!) and I check for new little blades of grass that might already be starting to peek up on the edges of paths. It’s not spring’s explosion of blossoms, but the signs are there!

  5. Honestly, I wish I was needing to combat winter – I love snow and cold days spent cozying inside! Here in Texas it was around 70 degrees today! Guess you always want what you don’t have, huh? I should be thankful 🙂

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