holiday card sign-up and giveaway! (sponsored by pinhole press)


I made these Christmas cards over at Pinhole Press and I love the way they turned out! I thought it would be fun to make some cards for my blog readers! I'd love to send you one. Email me your mailing address to chelseafuss (at)gmail(dot)com with the subject "Holiday Card" and I will send you a card! Don't worry, I won't use your address for anything else and will delete it as soon as I send your card. 


On another note, if you'd like to win $75 to make your own holiday cards at Pinhole Press, leave your name in the comments by Monday, December 12th! Open to USA, Canada and the UK.

Thanks for reading Frolic! this year. Happy Holidays!



*Update: Caroline C. is the winner chosen through Thanks for the entries. 

*Update: I am all out of cards! Sorry:) xo

Photos of card by Nicolle Gonzalez. Photo on card by Chelsea Fuss, originally created for Project Wedding. This is a sponsored post. For more information about advertising on Frolic! click here.


  1. Adore your hand-picked image for your Pinhole Press holiday cards. Who wouldn’t want to receive a drool-worthy greeting via snail mail!? If I’d be so lucky to scoop up the winnings on this giveaway, I would follow similar suit, surprising friends & family with mouthwatering holiday hellos!

  2. I LOVE pinhole press and would love to be able to make my own cards! Hooray for supporting the U.S. Postal Service 🙂

  3. your card is so great and looks like a happy face. i just ordered a calendar & address labels, but there are so many more things i’d like to make!

  4. Gorgeous cards Chelsea! I didn’t realise Pinhole Press had started shipping to the UK aswell- how exciting! x

  5. yes please to getting a xmas-card (pretty much my only must during xmas)! let me know if you’d like one in return, i’ll be sure to send a very-swedish motif:)

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