have a lovely december weekend!


If you follow my phone photos, you know I usually Instagram my way through the grocery store. My obsession with food packaging continues through the holidays. It's so exciting when panetonne starts filling up the shelves. How is time going so quickly?! Admittedly, I am usually a little bah humbug this time of year but I am getting excited for the holidays and looking forward to it, really. Any fun plans out there? My plans are simple, really. I don't get into the gift thing but I hope to make some wreaths for the windows, bake some saffron rolls, and drink some some cider. How do you want to spend your holidays? Hope it's a lovely weekend for you!

iphone photo by me.


  1. oh, the pannetone – I always get excited, too! I love the holidays, honestly; no humbug here. But I would say our holidays are perhaps a little atypical? They are quiet, traditional affairs – and by traditional, I mean medieval. Our tree is hung with blown glass pomegranates and silver pine cones. I put on 14th and 15th century carols and light a frankincense-scented candle. Homemade pfeffernusse or lebkuchen or gingerbread are in order. I’m already saving the peels from all the satsumas that we are eating so that I can candy them and put the candied peel into the gingerbread. Once the quarter ends, I think I’ll spend a lot of time on the couch or in the newly wallpapered kithcen, praying for snow, making jewelry and crocheting scarves for my girlfriends (and sewing my husband a new plaid shirt!). Friends and family will receive the care packages I spent all summer preparing (I give jams and pickles made from wild-foraged native fruits and berries – a taste of our northwest woods!) This year’s highlights are the salal jam and the madrone tea, I think! For me, this is the time of year when I can be most meditative, and when old traditions feel really right. I try to keep our holidays out of the malls and focused on handwork and thoughtful rememberance of friends and family instead. Uf, sorry to go on – we are getting our tree tomorrow and I am just SO excited!!

  2. I really love Christmas time- it’s my birthday too so I take full opportunity to celebrate!

    We don’t do huge presents in our family- just nice, small tokens. We eat great food, play a lot of board games and catch up with everyone!

    I use it as an excuse to drink delicious wine and eat lots of delicious cheese and mince pies!

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