have a happy weekend!

             polaroid eggs

We've had glimpses of spring here in Portland this week: A little bit of sunshine along with some daffodils poking their heads up! My mom has been sharing the eggs from the chickens she and my dad keep. Have you ever tasted a fresh farm egg? It was only recently that I ate one. I'll never go back now! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

P.S. So saddened to hear about the earthquake in Japan. You can donate here.

Polaroid by Chelsea Fuss for Frolic!


  1. At home, farmers put signs outside with “fresh eggs” and you just go up and knock on their door and buy them from their wife. It’s magic when you stumble on a farm with duck eggs. They’re my favourite!

  2. I have heard that fresh farm eggs taste better than store bought. It’s my mission this year to find a farm closeby where I can buy cage free chicken and eggs. Spring is in the air over here in Quebec too and I could not be happier.
    Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

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