my apartment project: before photos/living room

Living room 3

I wanted to share some before photos of my house so you'll be able to see a difference once we have all the little changes done. This is my living room which is also my bedroom now too. The room behind those French doors is now my office/studio. These first two photos are from a dinner party last spring. I have such a small amount of furniture, I can actually use the living room like an event space! Ha!

Living room 1

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I took these snapshots today. I have not ever hung anything on the walls. Behind the sofa sits my bed/day bed. I actually really like the sofa. I found it at an estate sale for $125 and it's in great shape. I'll be keeping that. The drafting table was a hand me down and I like that too.

Living room before photos

There is a lovely closet and a wall of drawers which I love!

Living room

The challenges:

– The apartment is very, very dark!

-Sage colored walls do not help with the darkness!

-See that white box? It's surprising how much of an eyesore the heater is! 

-Windows are bare ( I took off all the ugly white blinds- they make me crazy but now I am on show to the neighbors and it's also freezing in here!!!)

-The place looks like I just moved in and does not feel cozy. ( I need to warm it up!)

-This room needs to function as an entertaining space, a living room, and a bedroom!

Next week I will tell you my vision for this room. I am super excited to have a designer whose taste and outlook I really respect helping me! I will tell you more next week!


  1. This is going to be awesome! Super inspiring for me, I have a lot of similar house problems (sort of dark, green walls, not much up on the walls so it has that “just moved in” feeling) so it’ll be great to see what you come up with!

  2. I love being along for the ride! There is clearly something about January that has me in the mood to transform my space, as well. Just picked up some paint samples today. Let the fun begin! Looking forward to seeing how your space ends up looking!

  3. Your apartment already has lovely features, I’m sure it will be absolutely beautiful when you’ve worked on it, I’m excited to see the progress.

  4. this is exciting! since it’s winter, and since i’m obsessed with my living space, i am also on the track of getting some things done around my apartment. i have been thinking of how to share the progress, and now you’ve inspired me to just take some photos and post the progress on my blog! i can’t wait to see more of what you’re doing!

  5. French Doors!!! Lucky YOU…
    I’m sure you will find some warm colors that will help with these January/Februrary Oregon days. It won’t be long and the crocus and tulips will be heralding spring.
    I’m ready, aren’t you?

  6. I love your drafting table, too. I’m new to your space, but you’ve certainly grabbed my attention. {frolic} is a captivating little blog and I’m glad I found you.

  7. it’s a beautiful apartment and your furniture is just lovely and perfect for it. the sofa is especially gorgeous.

    i can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  8. Chelsea, I love your apartment already and cannot wait to see what you do with it. One big advantage you seem to have is that there isn’t a ton of stuff! Also, maybe you don’t have light (sigh, Portland) but you do have beautiful treetops out your windows! So wonderful.

  9. Chelsea I adore your place! We are trying to figure out our next move within the city and I wish an apartment with this feel existed here — something about it feels very country to me? The french doors, the built-ins…
    I love your drafting table and the way it’s set up — my first thought is to wallpaper behind it but I don’t know if you’re allowed.
    In any case it looks like you have a fabulous space to work with.
    PS Love your couch too — we found a similar one for my studio (dusty velvet and dark wood) and it’s a keeper as is.

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