snoozer loser


A simply stunning pairing of prints from Snoozer Loser. Coming to their Fall Collection soon.

P.S. I still have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from last winter so thinking about fall sends me spinning. I won't be posting fall things  for a bit. This ensemble seems multi-seasonal to me.


  1. I’m so with you on the not wanting to even think about fall or winter. I do hate how everybody starts looking forward, and leaving summer behind, ’round this time of year…

  2. I’m with Leah. Seriously? That girl looks 10 years old. Young models are one thing, but she looks like she raided her big sister’s closet.

  3. Thank you, thank you for not posting autumn stuff! I love summer and thinking ahead to cold again just gives me anxiety. Endless Summer, baby!

  4. i’m sorry to say this, but i just cannot wait for fall!! (sorry :))

    i love this collection, those prints kill me! i just had to post this on my blog as well – thanks for this post!

  5. oh i have ptsd from last winter too. i really would not be able to handle an early and long winter. long live indian summer! fingers crossed!

  6. I love the disheveled feel of these pieces. Reminds me of an old english home, or something along those lines. Nothing better than different shades of blue as well.

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