wedding diy: homemade wedding cake

I am not a big wedding cake person (or actually a cake person, at that!– give me savory over sweet any day!) If you are going the cake route though, a homemade wedding cake can be completely charming and it is really easy! I decorated this one with rosemary, lady's mantle and feverfew.

Created for Project Wedding. See full article here. Special thanks to Liz + Mama for the assistance!


  1. I love love love cake!! as does my niece, we can’t even say cake and then that is all she wants!
    I love this cake you decorated, so pretty and simply elegant with the rosemary and lady’s mantel and feverfew!

  2. I AM a cake person and the best part of the reception for me is the cake. Can’t say I’ve had a phenomenal wedding cake in years. AND I adore Lady’s Mantle.

  3. There is a trick I learned a few years ago to keep the mess down when frosting cakes. Place strips of parchment or wax paper, or foil, under the edges of the cake so that it covers the cake plate. When you are done frosting, just remove the strips and the plate is already clean.

  4. I am all for homemade wedding cakes. My husband made our cake and it was fantastic and actually easier than he expected. He spent the morning of our wedding with a friend completing the frosting and decided to add a peony to top it all off. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

  5. This is the most perfect cake I’ve ever seen. I never understood the whole extravagant wedding cake Hooptala. If you don’t mind, when I get married this will be my cake! 🙂

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