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I've been reading Didi's blog for quite some time. I just remembered her gorgeous wedding held at Gramercy Park in NYC. She wore a gardenia in her hair and carried a violet bouquet made by Livia Cetti. You know how I feel about violets? I think this wedding just goes to show that you don't need lots of props and crazy decorations to have a pretty day. This is effortless defined. More lovely photos here.

P.S. How fabulous are those shoes?

Top photo from The Green Vase. All other photos from Little Winter Bride.


  1. There is something so chic about NY city weddings. Especially the ones so simple.

    P.S. The sources on your cake are now properly sourced! Thanks!

  2. The shoes are fantastic. I am completely in love with that bouquet – the deep color contrasting with the dress is just lovely.

  3. Those are the most wonderful wedding shoes I’ve seen. If I could re-do my wedding, the one change I would make is bright colorful Prada pumps instead of white satin shoes!

  4. SHUT UP!! THOSE SHOES!! Oh my gosh. It’s moments like this that I raise my fists to the sky and curse the amazon-ish norwegian ancester that made me inherit size 11 feet. There’s no way on God’s green earth that those shoes come in an 11. Big footed girls are crying all over the world over this one.

    Ok. I’m ok. I just had to get that out of my system.

    What a sweet wedding.

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