midsummer flowers

On Sunday nights in the summer, I often head out to my parent's house where my mom allows me to raid her garden for my weekly flowers. She's incredibly generous. This time, I was really wowed by the honeysuckle (it holds up amazingly well) as well as the old-fashioned garden dianthus. Try smelling that dianthus and then tell me if you still hate the carnation family. It's simply divine!

These books are really special to me. The top one was gifted to me by my cousin Dorothy  on a trip to England in 2002. Flowers and Their Travels was given to me by a really amazing, quirky gardener friend in Michigan, when I interned at The Grand Hotel's gardens.

See more details of the books + flowers over at my Flickr.

Photos and flowers by Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Beautiful arrangements.

    I have a softspot for white carnations as grandad used to grow them in his garden, amoung spuds and other veggies. When I smell them I think of him…

  2. oh what a lovely arrangement. i can feel the warmth of the sun from those photos. how is it mid summer already?
    that can only mean it’ll be spring here very soon!!

  3. So lovely! I don’t think I’ve ever seen orange honeysuckle? It grows like a weed here on the Coast of Oregon, and the huge bush (that’s trying to take over the hedge roses!) is this vibrant pink. We don’t often get warm nights, but when we do, the scent it breathtaking!

  4. Girl after my own heart -gorgeous blooms from across the pond. LOVE.

    Come to London soon please miss, I have a stack of books written by eccentric old ladies on the sujet of flowers which would be right up your alley.


  5. Pretty pretty pretty. Bet the honeysuckle smells divine. Def a fan of the carnation family, even though they seem to be very unfashionable at the moment!

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