chickens + weekend…

This is Sally, one of the chickens at Poplar Point. There are six of them now. Henriettia is pretty cute too! 

Last night I got lost at Powell's and found a delicious stack of summer reads. I can't wait to delve into them over the weekend. 

What are all you lovely people doing this weekend? I hope you have lots of sunshine, or shade, whichever you prefer.

One more thing to share. This week I read an amazing article in the July/August issue of Whole Living (pg. 80/not online) regarding body image and what size healthy actually is. I hope every girl can read it.

Back on Monday!



P.S. OK, one last pretty for the week. How adorable are these clothes?


  1. Sally is incredible.

    I’ll be reading too. Zeitoun was great… I think you’ll love it.

    And I loved that article about body size from Whole Living too. Every time I think about going on some ridiculous regime, this magazine reins me back to a more reasonable perspective and approach.

    Hope you have a beautiful, restful weekend.


  2. A note on chickens: Love them! Been spending the last couple of weeks more or less around them and there’s something so special about collecting their fresh eggs to eat.
    Loved the link to the children’s clothes. Really stylish!

  3. What a beautiful chicken! She looks pretty happy 🙂

    Would love to hear what you think about David Byrne’s “Bicycle Diaries” – been thinking about getting that myself.

    Whole Living Mag rocks. I’ve been a subscriber for a few years now & every issue is a pleasure to read.

  4. Sally is a lovely, healthy-looking bird. Very sweet.

    I wish I could stop by Powell’s to browse in person, instead of just their website.

  5. Glad you are having a nice weekend! My husband wants to get chickens soon so we can have our own eggs… not sure about that because that means I take care of them.
    This weekend included, baseball game, fireworks, mountains, and golf. Lots of fun! I’m tired 🙂

  6. my neighbors in my little apartment building have chickens! Every one in a while one will ‘bock-bock’ when I’m on the phone with someone who lives in a bigger city. It’s not helping my case that Oregon is not just farm country, but rather quite fashionable.

    I love the urban farming movement though!

  7. I love that your parents have chickens! It must be so lovely visiting. We just went to a farm this weekend and saw MANY chickens. One of the deciding factors for choosing my daughter’s preschool is that they have four chickens. 🙂

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