1. Ooh, I love that tent! Man, I have had it with this rain! We’re wanting to go a bunch of camping this summer also, so hopefully the skies will clear soon!

  2. The Beckel Canvas tents referenced in the text of the post are waterproof. My Dad owns one!

    I know what you mean though. I grew up camping with a green canvas tent and it did occasionally leak.. but we used it a lot.

  3. Just back from a camping trip to Deschutes State Park, east of the Dalles. It was great – only rained a tiny bit the last night/morning, not enough that we couldn’t get a fire going for breakfast. Would’ve maybe been better with one of those awesome ovens, though.

  4. I am totally throwing up a canvas tent in the woods for my s/s2011 shoot this sunday – does it get anymore high summer than a canvas tent and smores?

  5. I’m going camping for the first time this year next week! OR coast… Can’t wait. This tent reminds me of camping with my parents as a little girl. Ours looked just like it 🙂

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