1. blogging takes us into dreamland. thank goodness. I love maypoles. I was in a lovely maypole dance in 5th grade. I obviously won’t be using one anytime soon….but I can dream. thanks.

  2. i remember in grade school a teacher always had maypole made and she made a huge event out of it. I completely forgot about it until your post!
    what great memories, thanks!


  3. I remember stumbling upon my first real May Day celebration when in PDX. It was at Laurelhurst Park, and it was so pretty. I wanted one of those flower wreaths for my own.

  4. Aww, May Day. 🙂 I wish we celebrated it here in San Diego. One of these days I’m taking it upon myself to have my own festivities.

  5. I passed by a community garden in Gowanus Brooklyn this afternoon, and they were all set to “dance,” colorful ribbons in hand…it was so charming. I’m amazed how many people I mention May Day to, and they go “huh??”

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