tamara muth-king: school uniform series


Tamara Muth-King shoots a series of photos studying traditional/modest clothing, including a genius set with Puritan clothing. Perhaps the most clever set yet is this new group all about school uniforms.

Tamara muth king school uniforms
Tamara muth king school uniforms 5 

The blue tunic dresses (which are for P.E.!) and the white collared dresses are from a Catholic school whose uniforms have not changed since it's founding in 1873!

All photos by Tamara Muth-King


  1. I went to Catholic school for three years in high school and totally had the same uniform as the third photo — pleated navy skirt and white oxford shirt. I also wore oxford shoes which is so funny seeing how they’re in style now (wish my mom had kept my uniform!).

  2. While in Jamaica this past December, we had an 1.5 hour drive from the airport to our resort. We were so lucky to drive through the villages when school was being let out. Every school had a different brightly-colored uniform. It was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip.

    Love this post — celebrating the mundane is so underrated!

  3. I actually went to that Catholic school in Maryland, with the blue gym tunic, and blue/white peter pan collar dress. Missing the saddle shoes though. Good work Tamara!

  4. This is an interesting study… I can also relate to the catholic school-girl uniform!
    I visited Tamara’s website and she has so many other gorgeous photoshoots too. Thanks for the inspiring link.

  5. I recall hearing a old female teacher of a catholic school bemoaning the bad press that the Catholics now have regarding the short skirt uniforms that the girls wore in the 60’s, 70’s and into the 80’s. She said that young girls wore short skirts and that women wore longer modest skirts. A short skirt was synonymous with freedom of movement and youthfulness. Not adulthood. The schools were still having to deal with parents who basically believed that the school was the place that you put your daughter until she was ready to marry. By having these short uniforms, the school was telling the parents and the kids that they were not ready to be married off. “That was why we kept them in these short skirts right up until they were 18 in grade 12”. “If they got to graduate high school they may even get to university and escape the expectation that they are simply there to breed and cook”.

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