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Today, L.L. Bean launches their Signature Collection, designed by Alex Carleton. L.L. Bean has always had some strange power over me. Perhaps my New England childhood is to blame, but every time I pick up a catalog, I want to move to a small town in Maine, wear clogs every day, and shop at country stores. The spirit of Maine has been missing from their recent catalogs but I am glad to see it returning in the marketing for this new line. Better fits and classic colors are also welcomed with open arms! 


  1. I looked over the new line this morning to review on my blog. It is classic American sportswear, including some really cute shirt dresses. I am excited to watch the brand expand and can’t wait to order some items and check out the fit.

  2. Just read the LL Bean History – “The Making of an American Icon” – this line would not have been in the original LL Bean’s vision! Regardless, I think its fun!

  3. I feel the same way, there is just something about LL Bean that screams small town Maine. I’m a New England girl born and bred, I could not imagine my life anywhere else 🙂

  4. I just tried on a jacket just like this one at the Ann Taylor Loft near me. I’m waiting (fingers crossed) for it to go on sale (and hoping there is still one left in size: S)

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