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The highlight of this collection is the girls' clothing. If only the womens' clothing had been made with the same lovely cottons and attention to classic details. Nonetheless, I had an absolute blast wandering the store, searching for the good stuff, and was on a "Liberty of London high" all morning! Here are my favorites, based on what I saw at my local store:

1. Girls' Sleeveless Woven Dress. In my book, this dress is the winner of the entire colection. It's truly lovely, made with a really nice cotton and completely lined. The XL is large enough for an adult!

2. Oilcloth bag.

3. Men's boxers. I think these are great for PJ's or the beach and the quality and prints were both lovely.

4. Toddler shorts. Ignore the t-shirt sold with these, the shorts are adorable with little pintucks at the waist!

5. Girls' Swimwear.


  1. I went to a Target by my mom yesterday and had so much fun shopping, too! I didn’t realize they have an oilcloth bag — that find is terrific. totally agree that the girls clothing was the winner — wish more of those cotton styles were in the womens collection.

  2. I totally agree with you! I was anticipating taking the whole women’s collection home with me and left the store with only a scarf. The material was such a let down. I understand at the Target prices that it wasn’t going to be Liberty fabric quality but cotton at least would have been nice. The cheap polyester made the whole scene look like Forever 21.

  3. I was highly underwhelmed by the whole collection. All I found was the b&w Dunclare pillow, and I didn’t even love it enough to take it home. Eh, at least I kept my money in my bank account!

  4. I had the most AWFUL time when I went to Target. I had visions of skipping through aisles of cheerful flowery things, but they had hardly anything on the shelves, nobody knew what I was talking about, very unhelpful. And it’s an hour drive away! Still feeling very Grrr.

  5. my boyfriend and i went to target yesterday to check out the collection. he ended up getting three pairs of boxers and i asked if i could try them on. he ended up giving me one, ’cause it fits perfectly! (helps that my boyfriend is freaking skinny.) now i have to check out that girl’s dress in xl!! i also noticed some scarves they were selling made of cotton. will have to find out how big it is and if it’s worth it. the silk ties are cool too. was thinking of taking one apart and re-tacking the back into a skinny tie.

  6. I bought two of the sateen sheath dresses and I’m loving them. I did see the polyester dresses and wasn’t feeling it, but these are cotton and the cut is lovely. Very classic and beautiful patterns. But that was all I found…

  7. i went to my local target store on saturday, not really expecting to find any liberty stuff, but they had tons of little girl clothes! i went crazy and bought one of almost everything, figuring i can return what i don’t decide to keep for my six-year-old.

  8. Had the same experience as Jenn — half the stock was missing. Whether this is because people got there before 10 (when I showed up) and wiped things out (stationary, some womens items, all the piggy banks, etc) or because they hadn’t bothered to finish stocking I don’t know. Also extremely disappointed with the fabrics used in the womens line — couldn’t they just have used cotton for crying out loud?

    I did get a really great oilcloth wallet, so I’m happy.

  9. My favorites: the cotton Pajamas… I bought the little green flowery shorts and spaghetti top that looks too short and flowy, but fits me perfect (I feel like Doris Day) and I really liked the bras and panties, but did not buy them.

  10. since the weather decided to jump up to 84 degrees today i’m wearing that sundress right now! i haven’t left the house in it but i think it would be great with some clog sandals and little cardigan.

    and i think you should keep the top you got – wouldn’t it be cute with button-tab shorts, flat strappy sandals and a ponytail? oh, and a bicycle! ;D

  11. I left with one of the men’s shirts in small, a black and white tasseled scarf, the cars print boxers in small, and a picture frame. The boxers are a perfect fit and though the shirt is a bit long and the armholes a bit large (it is, after all cut for a man, not a woman) it will look really cute with a pair of slim pants and my new brogues!

    I agree 100% about the polyester ladies’ goods. I couldn’t keep the look of distaste off of my face when I flipped through the racks. How could Liberty even allow them to use anything other than beautiful cotton?!?

  12. i snagged that top left dress for myself … and also a few other adult sized items. i was highly disappointed in the men’s shirts, though i think i set my hopes too high, it is a target collaboration after all. i did grab a few pairs of boxers for mas. i was over all very happy with the collection but maybe that had more to do with my massive disappointment in the past few…

  13. I couldn’t agree more- I ended up buying dresses in XL in the girls department to use as little beachy cover-ups. The adult collection and women’s pj collection were awful! I can’t imagine wearing that sheer polyester fabric when friends and in-laws are in my house! The melamine plates are fun for outdoor parties!

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