long cardigans

Long cardigan

I once heard Vera Wang say (I think it was on one of my rare Oprah viewings) that the best way to disguise a less then perfect figure, and look stylish doing it, is to wear baggy dresses and long, fitted cardigans. I have to say that I do like dressing this way  and am constantly on the look for the perfect long cardi. I recently bought one at Urban Outfitters. They have a great selection with nice fits and reasonable prices.


  1. I agree with that. I am finding that I can wear many of my summer/spring dresses with tights, boots and a long cardigan. I love the look and it is SO comfortable.

  2. I love long cardis! I recently bought that one as well and am wearing it today, in blue. I love jersey cardigans, especially with dresses and boots!

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