1. I have been dreaming of a chic tattoo for ages. This year’s the one. I found a vintage floral engraving that I am going to have made into a tattoo.

  2. I’m usually not a person who loves tattoos on women, but these are so beautiful done! I love the script. However, I definitely love tattoos on men. I don’t know why that is though….

  3. a few years ago two sisters came into the shop i was working at with arm tattoos VERY similar to the top right one. i instantly fell in love and my sister and i have been designing a similar one for us to both get!

  4. There is some thing very interesting about scripting poetry on skin.

    Recently, my girlfriend Bianca inked herself with a branding of a “B” that is inverts also into a heart.

  5. oooh i’m with you…not usually a tatoo girl but a Betsy Dunlap tatoo would be awfully cool…

    p.s. I have to hear more about this ballet class…I’m considering taking one too, but I’m a wee bit afraid.

    you’ll have to fill me in at alt!

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