My theme for the year is "The Little Things". While I do pretty OK at accomplishing some of life's larger tasks, I fail miserably at the everyday stuff. It always makes my life more complicated than it needs to be. So, my goal for this year? Pay attention to the small details of life and enjoy them. What's on your list for the year?

Photo by Marie-Jeanne Watson.


  1. I agree, I definitely need to work on the little things.

    My main continuing goals are to work at being better at what I do and to be more organised.

  2. Honestly, being a PhD student means you cannot survive a day, let alone four years, without focusing on accomplishing the small things, so for me the problem is the opposite! 😉

    Have you tried lists? Especially if they are noted down in small notebooks you love?

    I know it is such an obvious thus slightly dull, but it gives me such satisfaction to cross things off, even if they are little things like send an email to x.

    You’ll feel better in an instant.

  3. that sounds like a good way to live more in the moment. i hope to be more mindful of doing things that make me feel good/happy. i don’t always do so. happy new year!

  4. Boy howdy, do I know that feeling (making the smaller things more complicated than they need to be)! Here’s to a happy 2010 & making life run a little smoother, all on its own. 🙂

  5. Mine this year is balance. I seem to always be shifting between career,and creativeness…instead of all of nothing I want to somehow fit both parts of me into each day with the same heart

  6. This is a little off-subject, but how gorgeous is the silhouette on the red scoop-back top in the photo? And since one of my resolutions is to be more expressive/creative in my everyday wardrobe choices… 🙂

  7. 🙂
    I think this is a very good idea! 😉
    We understimate but the small things mean a lot!
    For me, the new year resolution is to do something new every week! To not acomodate!


  8. That’s such a great goal, Chelsea, I love it. Mine is to be less negative, but I’m already failing at it this morning at work as we all bitch about being back to reality, haha!

  9. this is a great theme. i think mine is ‘git ‘er done!’, a horrible rural-midwest phrase that is actually the best way to describe what needs to happen–and what i’m excited to make happen–in my life this year.

  10. One of my goals is similar. I spend a lot of time looking at the big picture instead of enjoying small moments. Its hard sometimes to remember to enjoy the present when I’m trying to get to the future!

  11. So inspiring! I was noting on the weekend how I accomplished some pretty big things in the last decade. But I was always either psyching myself up for something big or recovering from doing it. I hope to get better at the day-to-day this decade and not just save myself up for the big exertions.

  12. i LOVE the idea of a theme for each year. what a good way to stay focused and remember what your new years resolution is! for me…it’s stay positive and draw more and maybe cut back on induldging on sweets.

  13. your goal for the new year is wonderful! i’m going to be challenging myself this year to take more risks, have more fun, and work just a little bit less…

  14. I get stuck on little things which then sidetrack me from accomplishing big things, so I can relate, Chelsea. I feel like a dork admitting this, but setting a timer to do a little task has actually been helping me finish faster.

  15. Yeap. Get ‘er done is my motto this year. BIG things need to happen. And by these big things happening maybe I will have time to engage in even more smaller things, like learning watercolor or making pretty things for friends.

    Much luck to you, and all of us!

  16. That sounds like a great goal, I am the same. like on the movie Amelie, Audrey Tatous character is so good at enjoying the small little pleasures in everyday life, I want to be that way too!

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