project wedding: teacup flower favors


I made these little teacup flower arrangements for Project Wedding. They could be used for a shower, a luncheon or any girly sort of party. Full article and instructions here.


  1. Those tea cups are just beautiful. I wish thrift stores near me carried such beautiful things. Oh well! I will be stealing this idea for a baby shower coming up. Thank you.

  2. we put roses from my mothers garden in teacups for my sister’s baby shower.
    i loved them!
    plus, she had some baby roses and tiny teacups to go with them from when we were little.
    it was so cute.

  3. I am so attracted to old teacups and saucers. I passed up some amazing sets at a flea market this weekend because I could not figure out what to do with them. Wish I had read this post before then!

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