street style: clara + her bicycle


A few weeks ago, when I was still in Portland, Lisa and I were out scouting for Urban Weeds and I chased (yes! sometimes it comes down to that!) down this cute girl wearing a seersucker dress and riding a bicycle. Then, we realized it was our friend, Clara! One of the lovely shop girls at The English Dept! Check out Urban Weeds this week. There are lots of lovely subjects!


  1. For a moment I thought we had the same bicycle — then I spotted the Motobecane headbadge! Now I need that dress because obviously it looks gorgeous with a vintage, white, French bicycle. 🙂

  2. I was just in the E.D. last weekend and Clara helped me, but I didn’t know her name. Thanks for posting this, she was so lovely and helpful (but not at all overly attentive). She encouraged me to ‘Be patient because you don’t know what type of bride you’re going to be next year’. Good advice. Thanks, Clara!

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