1. oh these are wonderful. i really need to start sewing again. i started teaching myself but it kinda fell by the wayside. these have inspired me to start it up again!


  2. thank you, thank you for posting this link! i’ve been wanting to get back into sewing – these quick & easy patterns are just what i need to motivate me!

  3. That dress looks cute!

    I brought home my mom’s sewing machine this weekend (that she bought when she was 18 and moved out of the house). Nervous to try it but excited to get started. First up, tiny pillows. Then on to pajama pants and maybe a robe! We’ll see if I work my way up to cute stuff that actually has to be fitted…

  4. Love these patterns. I’m heading up to Maine tomorrow to hopefully finish my dresses I started. Hopefully I can wear them with tights if I don’t finish them till the fall!

  5. just bought the Beignet skirt pattern! I have a navy silk suiting with a feathery herringbone woven in in white; I’ll have to check if there’s enough, but if it is, I think it’ll be perfectly lovely made up into this skirt!

    Off to finish a dress for my partner’s little sister; I want to be ready to dive into that Beignet when it gets here!

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