too hot to blog


It was 107ΒΊ here today. That's kind of a big deal for Portland where air conditioning is a rarity. I am trying to figure out a way to escape to the ocean and still get packing and photo shoots done. Hmmmm….

Photo from here.


  1. What is wrong with Oregon this summer, I don’t remember it ever getting this hot before! it’s 109(in the shade)…where I’m at!

  2. i hate the heat. i sweat like i’m in it to win it. and not like a ladylike glow or glisten…my face turns tomato red and i am covered in beads.

    ugh. i am so sorry. you should buy a handheld fan, electric or otherwise. it is a boon. and you could look really sweet or really nerdy, depending on which way you swing it!

  3. ooof..! That IS hot. Is it humid too? It’s pretty miserably here in the South East, so I can commiserate. Sending cool, oceanside breeze thoughts your way.

  4. i was admiring this photo and then i saw that the photographer is named penelope, my current fave, no wonder i like it! πŸ™‚ nice find

  5. Aw! Chelsea (just read your comment on my blog), you shouldn’t feel guilty at all! It is ridiculously hot! I’ve locked myself in my studio because the rest of our house is an inferno. yuck. But still… I prefer the heat over the cold. πŸ™‚ Stay “cool”!!

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