decorating with small prints

Domino magazine Liberty room

I  love the idea of using itsy bitsy prints to decorate. It's so fresh and homey at the same time. I think I'd use a Liberty (surprise, surprise!) or a Provencal pattern.

Photos originally from Domino Magazine. 


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  2. I love liberty as well. first time I saw them I was in an airport in london – waiting for a plane and I was just overwhelmed by (the price!!:)) and beauty of the prints.

  3. That’s lovely Kathryn! Yes.. they are expensive. I buy half a yard here and there because I simply must have them around. Even if it’s just in the form of a small pillow!

  4. I love the Liberty prints too- and Pucci! In fact I collect vintage fabric (and buttons) and having a blast sewing lately- sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with them (wanting the perfect use for each of course!)Thanks for the inspirations! I love this blog!

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