Just a few links before I sign off:

-Thank you so much for the support of Urban Weeds. We are thrilled with the response! If you'd like to, you can become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Can't wait to share all the great photos we have stored up!

Frances May has a summer sale starting today. Check it out!

-Loved this article on Michael Jackson from NPR. I hope he has peace. Anyone else been having lots of 80's/90's flashbacks since yesterday? I think I'll be listening to his music all weekend.

Have a lovely one!

Photo from Roland Bello.


  1. I love this photo by Roland Bello – I think that he captures the whole family/communal approach to food perfectly. (I was surprised a couple of weeks ago when I posted on my blog photos from his ‘Feasting on Paglia’s generous bounty’ shoot that I received no comments from my readers when the photos had really struck a cord with me.) Have a wonderful weekend.

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