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I am loving these photographs by Annika Vannerus, discovered by the lovely Mary Ruffle. While, I have you looking at gorgeous Scandinavian images, I have to tell you my exciting news. I am going to Sweden for a month! I will be there the end of the summer, living in a tiny cottage (with a grass roof!) by the sea. I'll be working the entire time I am away, so I'll be sharing all the details with you! Does anyone else have fun or exciting summer plans?


  1. oh my goodness! you are going to have so much fun!!! can’t wait to live vicariously–yay for traveling blog buddies!

  2. ooh goodness how exciting! i WISH my summer plans were that glamorous. cannot wait to see your posts from over seas.

    congrats! and good luck!

  3. How exciting for you! Congrats! Can’t wait to read all about your time in Sweden. I have no fun summer plans yet, but you’ve inspired me to make some! 🙂

  4. I do! I do! Though not the same kind… we’re having a baby girl in July. 😉 But I expect my backyard and nearby parks will be about as far as I travel.

  5. WOW! I am so excited for you! I have traveled a lot, but sweden, my little dream, has never been seen. I so look forward to your photos and stories!
    Also, how did you come across this opportunity? Because I would love to do the same in a few years!
    This summer I will be back at my lovely internship, sweating away the summer in a halfway-air-conditioned office in NYC 🙂
    (guess which half of the office I’m on?)

  6. Oh why yes, yes I do! I plan to stash myself away in your suitcase and come to Sweden with you…oh, fine, ok really I will just be at home reading your blog. What fun Chelsea! Can’t wait to hear all the details. How lucky are you???

  7. that is sooo exciting! can you share with us what your job there is?

    I was in Norway once and we stayed in a cottage (I think they call them huttas?) with a grass roof. it was magical. we DID eat berries and cream on waffles for breakfast! the air was so clean…

    can’t wait to see what you see through your posts!

  8. Wow! I am officially jealous…but so happy for you! What an amazing trip it will be, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  9. Carol, your experience in Norway sounds amazing!! My job will still be my funny bunch of jobs! Flowers, styling, and blogging!

    Hi Lindsay, Your internship sounds fun! What do you intern in? I’d wanted to go to Sweden forever and since I can sort of work from anywhere decided I’d better go now while I can! I’ve been saving my pennies and when I found the right cottage, I knew I had to go!

  10. Yay! That sounds so lovely and like a perfect way to spend the summer. Looking forward to the amazing stories and posts to come…

  11. Oh how wonderful!!!! Oh how I envy you!!!! May you be blessed with the beautiful weather we had last year. We ♡ Sweden and I know you will too. Share more details!!!!!!!

  12. WOW!!!! I wish those were my plans. My little family has made it a goal to spend the Summer in Sweden in the next few years. So I am SO excited for you and I really can’t wait to read all of your posts! Yay!

  13. I’m going to Scandinavia, too! For my honeymoon, which starts May 18th. We’re going to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Goteborg, and Helsinki…can’t wait!

  14. yay! that is so exciting! i hope you’ll share some photos of your adventure here. my husband and i want to go to sweden for our honeymoon someday when we have time to take a vacation.

    have fun!!

  15. I’m catching up on my blogs and am just reading this exciting news! What a fabulous way to spend a month! Can’t wait to hear + see all about it!

  16. Hope i am not double posting now but I wanted to say that late summer in Sweden is fantastic and I am curious to see what part you’ll be visiting. Welcome! 🙂

  17. Love the pics! And I cannot wait to see more on your time in Sweden. My husband and I are looking at a job opportunity in Scandinavia so I am eager for any and all info!

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