1. I was considering doing this myself. We might be building a house and found a plan that looked GREAT in black with white trim. It’s a little scary but I think it really POPS!

  2. what a very brave thing to do!
    I think it payed off too.

    a neighbour on my Victorian street painted her entire house white a few years ago. bricks, woodwork, absolutely everything but the front door which got a bright red treatment. well, that was very controversial & the talk was flying! (it worked as well, in my opinion)!

  3. oooooh! I love black houses and I’ve been dreaming of painting my own house high gloss black, with white trim…..someday

  4. LOVE it! My parents’ house is a really dark dark gray, and they bought it that way. All the neighbors are begging them to change it, but they like it too much. They’re calling it the Black Pearl. 🙂

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